Shurikenjutsu Study Program                       

The Nihon Shurikenjutsu Hozonkai (Japan Shuriken-jutsu Preservation Society) offers an international graded study program in traditional shurikenjutsu, under the guidance of Shihan David Kawazu-Barber. There are 5 preliminary grades leading to the rank of shodan; after-which, initiation into the Negishi-ryū, Shirai-ryū & Shingetsu-ryū traditions may be offered to prospective students. The curriculum and subsequent grade examinations cover reigi (formal etiquette), culture, language, history, heihō (tactics & strategy) & technique (including the practice of taijutsu, kenjutsu & pole arms). 

After receiving membership approval from the Kobudo Renbukan dōjō in Japan, students will begin to receive weekly monographs (study booklets) sent to them electronically via e-mail. The monographs are a privilege of membership and can not be sold or purchased as a commodity. The monographs contain valuable lectures pertaining to the history, culture and traditions of authentic Japanese shurikenjutsu (the ancient art of concealed blade throwing). The monographs also guide students through the 6-tier graded curriculum. Students are required to submit written assignments and from the 3rd grade (kyu) upward, a study journal outlining practice routines and learning curves will be required. Students failing to keep up with the curriculum may have their membership suspended, at the discretion of the Director of Studies.

In addition to the correspondence curriculum, students are encouraged to form "study groups" in their respective countries / regions, in which case, they will apply for a "Study Group Charter" from the Japan headquarters. Shinsa (grade examinations) are conducted in-person, either at international seminars or at the Japan headquarters. We do not accept videos or e-mail attachments. Written examinations are also strictly controlled. The use of reference materials during a written test will not be permitted. Forming an international study group in your region will allow you to expand your knowledge and skills. It will also allow you to sponsor training seminars in your country at minimal cost.

International Study Groups

Keikokai are non-profit study groups which operate in order to unite and support active members of our society. They are a great place for shuriken enthusiasts to pool their knowledge and expand their skills. All active members receive individual study material (monographs) mailed to them on a weekly basis. At study group meetings, they are given the opportunity to discuss this material with their piers. They are also able to review and experiment with the practical lessons in a safe and supportive environment. Periodically, the Director of Studies will visit each study group, to assist and assess the progress of its members. 

Self Study

If you don't live near a study group, or can't gather 5 students to form one, don't despair. Perhaps you work odd hours or just can't find the time to commit to formalized training. All of these reasons are perfectly understandable. The weekly monographs are all that you need to guide you through the curriculum and prepare you for certification, should you wish to obtain it.