International Membership                       

In response to a continuous flow of inquires from abroad, Kobudo Renbukan has now decided to extend its membership to the international community. Shuriken practitioners and enthusiasts from across the globe can now participate in the practice and study of authentic koryu shurikenjutsu. International membership benefits include:

  • - Affiliation with an authentic and accredited school of classical shurikenjutsu.
  • - Membership credentials and an embroidered uniform patch.
  • - Weekly monographs containing valuable lectures and instructional guidance.
  • - Access to seminars and events.
  • - Access to regional study groups.
  • - Exchange of ideas and information via a global network of shuriken enthusiasts.
  • - Opportunities for grading and certification.
  • - Opportunities to train in Japan at our Kamakura dojo.

Kobudo Renbukan is a conservative, non-profit organization supported by member contributions. Our principal instructor, David Kawazu-Barber (Shihan) is a direct disciple of Saito Satoshi, headmaster of Negishi-ryu & Shirai-ryu shurikenjutsu. David has also studied shurikenjutsu under other authorities, such as Ueda Atsuko (Fujita Seiko's Granddaughter and heir to the Koga-ryu Kenpo / Shingetsu-ryu shurikenjutsu tradition) & Yoshifumi Hayasaka (Headmaster of Kingai-ryu). Kobudo Renbukan (Nihon Shurikenjutsu Hozonkai) is a licensed affiliate of the Negishi-ryu Honbu Dojo.

In accordance with tradition, membership is via invitation only. If you have carefully read the membership guidelines and you feel that you can contribute positively to the well-being of our organization and its community, you may download and submit a membership application.